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Reference Electrode

Our Reference Electrodes

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électrode de référence au calomel saturé ECS

Why do we use reference electrodes?

The use of a reference electrode enables the comparison of the potentials of different indicator electrodes immersed in the same solution or the potential of the same indicator electrode immersed in different solutions.

A reference electrode provides a stable potential whatever the measurement conditions.

The main differences between reference electrodes are the type of reference system and the liquid junction.

OrigaLys offers electrodes using calomel (Hg), silver-silver chloride (Ag/AgCl), and mercuric oxide (Hg/HgO).

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Origalys Ref Electrode: Features

Your Calomel reference electrode - ECS, on Origalys

We propose among others, reference electrodes with saturated calomel. You can choose between several lengths (103mm or 120mm). As for the upper and lower diameters, they are identical between the different references, i.e. 8 mm.

Mercuric oxide or silver/silver chloride electrodes

You will also find Hg/HgO or Ag/AgCl reference electrodes in different lengths in our online shop so that you can find the right product for your needs.

See details of all our reference electrodes below.

électrodes électrochimie

Browse our online shop and find our range of electrodes for electrochemistry, our working electrodes and our glass cells.


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