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Meterlab range

You have an instrument from the MeterLab range of Radiometer Analytical ?

You have a pH-Education?

You have a PHM201, 210, 220, 240, 250 or 290?

You have a CDM210 or 230?

Officially, OrigaLys provides the maintenance of all the Potentiostats from Radiometer Analytical and so can give you a repair diagnostic.
Origaccess - AC Adapter for PHM210
50,00 EUR (EU only)

AC adapter - 12V/270mA - 2,1 mm coax. output for PHM210 After-Sales Service 

Origaccess - AC Adapter for pH-Education
50,00 EUR (EU only)

AC adapter - 12V/1A - 2,1 mm coax. output for pH-Education After-Sales Service